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A vásárláshoz regisztráció szükséges.
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JEL besorolás: 
K23, L51, L87

The experiences of full market opening of network services have so far shown an increasing role of competition regulation. The new entrants, trusting in the prohibition of competition restrictions, are trying to compete with incumbent service providers. On the field of postal services as a network service, however, the traditional form of regulation is sectoral regulation. The effective cooperation of the two regulatory regimes is especially important in order to evaluate state aid in line with EU principles. In the course of the regulation both the universal service provider’s financial balance and the gains expected from increased competition must be secured at the same time. The third postal directive restricted the possibility of sectoral regulatory intervention to ensure a universal service, at the same time providing a wider decision-making authority to the regulators in this respect.*

Jour nal of Economic Literature (JEL) kód: K 23, L51, L87.