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Six Essays About One Subject Monetary policy after one decade of the financial crisis and the big recession

We have asked some of the main actors and outstanding analysts of the monetary policy to answer our query (including the staff of the Hungarian National Bank):

How has the 2008 crises changed the monetary policy? Are there chances to return to the traditional instruments of it? Will the new unconventional instruments remain exceptional or will they belong to the set of ordinary roles permanently? When and how would or could central banks withdraw them – if at all? Does it make any sense to keep inflation targeting in the future? Could the monetary policy really work on longer period of time with negative interest rates? How? Since the beginning of the financial market turmoil the central banks have increased their balance sheets. Should they normalize it? Taken the negative interest rates and the huge balance sheets what instruments could or should central banks implement, if a new crisis steps in? What is the analyst’s opinion on the crisis management of the Hungarian National Bank? How did the Hungarian National Bank assess its own activity, the implementation of unconventional instruments, when and how could it return to business as usual?